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Compare and find best and cheapest domain registrars for domain .TV

Our registrars offer the registration prices from $24.99/yr to $50.00/yr for .TV domain from 32 registrars. Compare domain prices to find best and cheapest domain registrars for .TV domain

What is the Cheapest .TV Domain Name Registrar

Based on the price of the 1st year from each domain name registrar for .TV, Bluehost, Porkbun, Dynadot are the top 3 cheapest domain name registrars. Bluehost gives $24.99 as the lowest price for TV domain, Porkbun gives $26.94 as the lowest price for TV domain, Dynadot gives $26.95 as the lowest price for TV domainThose registrars are accredited by Verisign.

Top 5 Cheapest .TV Domain Name Registrars
ProviderRegistration Pricing
Espace 2001$27.39

What is the Cheapest .TV Domain Name transfer price

Based on the transfer price from each domain name registrar for .TV, Bluehost, Espace 2001 are the top 3 cheapest domain name transfer registrars. Bluehost gives $24.99 as the lowest transfer price for TV domain, Espace 2001 gives $26.05 as the lowest transfer price for TV domain

Top 5 Cheapest .TV Domain Name transfer price
ProviderTransfer Pricing
Espace 2001$26.05

About .TV

The domain name .TV is an internet country code which originally belonged to country Tuvalu. After signing agreement with Tuvalu, DotTV company became the exclusive registrar and registration authority of domain name .TV. With the increasingly acccessible network bradband and larger numer of internet users, the target market of . TV will be tremendous. As a mainstream domain name in the broadband era, domain name .TV can be used in audio, visual, music video, film, video conferencing.

Why need a .TV domain name

  1. Domain name .TV is convenient for people to identity and remember and now has been widely recognised and accepted by internet users of the new generation.
  2. As a global domain name .TV has mature technology and distinct recognition, and people's awareness of .TV will push this domain name to a new climax in the network era.
  3. For the promotion and application, the domain name .TV obtained strong financial support from various shareholders including Verisign and because the DotTV signed agreement with Verisign, domain name .TV can provide the same benefits as other mainstream domain names like .com, .net and .org. The prospects of .TV is optimistic and .TV can challenge the superiority of .com in some market area.
  4. The target market of .TV is obvious and huge. It can be used in listening, music videos, movie, TV conference and even further applications in global radio and radio applications such as concerts, video chat, sports competitions live broadcast like in music concert, video chat, live telecast of sports competition.
  5. At present, an ideal .COM is hard to find and costly. By contrast, there are more options for you to register an ideal .TV with an acceptable price.
  6. If you are in the business of creating videos or using videos to support your business, .TV can add extra value to your business that it is a sound choice for your product demonstrations. And when you already have a .COM website, you can register a .TV as a supplementary website for augment exploring and storing massive media content.

Who can buy .TV domain name

Any person, business organisation or company in any country can register a domain name .TV. To register, you should know that:

  • You do not need to submit your information.
  • Illegal characters such as : -, +, @, &, space etc. should not be included.
  • The minimum 1 characters, up to 63 characters.
  • Should not contain words endangering the state and the government.
  • The term of renewal varies from 1 years to 10 years and the grace period for .TV renewal is 30 days.
  • When the domain name .TV expires, it will go through the following life cycle: 30 days grace period -----> grace period for redemption within 30 days -----> 5 days waiting to be deleted -----> if you do not not renew or restore the domain name, it will re-register to the public about 75 days after the expiration date and it will follow the principle of first come first served.
  • .TV can be transferred and will be extended for 1 years after the completion of the transfer.

How to find a reliable and affordable .TV domain name registrar

When you choose a registrar, the price is not the only factor. How easy and effective to manage your .TV domain name is another important factor.

  • No hiddeb fees (like extra fee for transferring a domain out to other registrar)
  • A well established reputation
  • Comprehensive Administration Settings such as for nameserver, mail, who-is, etc
  • Accredited by nonprofit organization such as ICANN

Who is Verisign

Verisign is the administrator for .com, .net, .name, .cc, .tv domain names and other new gTLDs. They do not provide registration services like register or renew domain names. They provide service with domain registrars to register or renew domain names.

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